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Hello everyone and Welcome to Cherlano Academy! Our mission and aim is taking you every step of the way assisting you, to prepare yourself, and build an introduction to the cyber income world. You don’t know the Boss, the Boss doesn’t know you , you both don’t care when or what hour you doing the work! I’d say that’s a life! It’s your wishes, it’s your riches! It’s your own downfall and your own up rise!


so! you’ve finally decided to either keep the job while working on a growing cyber salary or straight out told the boss to shove it, maintain enough data to start exploring and investigating affiliate marketing? Awesome.Firstly, don’t be fooled if you think 2GB of Data is going to be enough. You’ll be attracted to different affiliate projects as you surf. DON’T FALL PREY TO POISON BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DOING! You WILL land up doing affiliate marketing for so many companies you won’t remember which to market and HENCE!!!!! U will be in month 5 with NO INCOME thinking affiliate marketing is a scam which is NOT TRUE! YOU BASICALLY LOST YOURSELF! Methods:•Long term • Short Term • Both do well.Cherlano Academy have our various packages available for you via our jvzoo, warriorplus and Clickbank affiliate systems

Newbies: Please remember, you are NOT a salesman! You are an Affiliate!This simply means that you are not buying nor selling offers! You are simply going to create an affiliate with your own link, then simply just post your link all over the internet! At times, there are competitions held up to about $ 20 000 or more just because you have had the most clicks worldwide as a recognition of your hard work! A firm like Bluehost does this oftenly! An approximate 3 million people worldwide are eagerly awaiting your link!



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Kids around the world need YOU! If You’re good in your manner of English speaking, you will kill it!

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PC (“Pinnacle Skillz”) UpliftmentPC classes:New: Chess


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Hosted by non other than your favorite “Channel O Featured Representative dancer & choreographer…Twista!

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In addition of it being a mandatory feature of your site, we’ve gathered some facts about mobile usage vs desktop. Hopefully it will convince you, to keep your website up-to-date with today’s trends.


  • A Desktop is only important for daytime “at work” audiences, but Tablet and smartphone dominate in the evening. I bet you my student that just left my class now will do and earn more on his smartphone tonight than what you would even think of or judge!…just speaking my confidence openly. By the way, sites are traveling towards the flinstones dude! Come here, let me build you up an App!

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2018/ 2019/ 2020

Proud in-house Training since 2018 to 2020!

Upliftment Project
Name: Pinnacle Skillz
Ms Office Basic The Fund of R350 contributed by the student is used to maintain the electricity of the venue used

Attention needed: Our last Sponsorship community call out and blessing from blessed Mr. Clint and South Beach community helped us initiate and start off in 2018, which were 2 towers and parts we put together which have now given in. The laptop’s hard drive is gone to Tafta for the aged pc parts guys. Please open your hearts to our now 3 year running community upliftment project, as we call out for new parts (i.e your old computer or laptop). Interested in our course? CLICK HERE FOR MORE on the past 3 years!

Teach Online

You will need: ID number, smartphone, laptop or PC, PayPal or details of your bank for payment and data. Contact us HERE should you need help with your set-up of PayPal. IN TOWN!? HOWDY AND WELCOME PARTNER! TRY OUR NEW HOT ENTRY “COMMISSION HOTSPOT!” IT’S SURE TO BE A GRABBER FOR ANY NEWBY AROUND IN THESE PARTS OF THE WEST! YOU BETTER GO AHEAD N CLICK RIGHT HERE, GET YOUR LINK AND SADDLE UP AFFILIATE!The Most Efficient Platform For Trading HERE!

Personal Training?

I just published this “Legit Data Entry Work-From-Home Jobs Paying $20/Hour 2020” video for you on YouTube.You can click here to watch the video or click here to check out the show notes page on my blog.And don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts and any questions you have for me!Hope you like it!

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Other Methods of Income

Photo cash


Sim Networks Agent from home


Penholix SAInvest a little bit of time every day into building a long-term money generating site.We have set courses out to ensure that you do everything in the right order and take little steps towards that.Competition Time!(Will be kept updated worldwide)At 11am ET tomorrow, Robby’s running a very special one-time live broadcast eventYou can get registered for it right herDuring the broadcast I’m going to…Give you more details on Commission Hero. Reveal examples of students who made 6-Figures in one month with the system.Give you a “Sneak Peek” at the program Robby created to SHORTCUT the process

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