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Below and above: recognition and exposure needed. Please share these Awesome South Africa Writings guys!

by Tanya Williams: The Because Of You Child – Read HERE

Author: Tanya Williams

Poem: Just a Note

To even compare you to the sun would be meaningless, so to use as a symbol I can’t

Because Debbie your compassion and love for another, seems too easy and nonchalant

Your aura shines bright as it scares away  the scary stench frozen midnight

Packs of wolverines howl in fear of your powerful smile in the face of twighlight

All through the night as I rest? Debra it’s you calling on me lightly

Tighter and mightier than that of a proud panther, you whisper to me to not give in, but hold on tightly

Your spirit makes me capture you to the peaceful sound of a yellow canary who knows no vanity

Lol I cry and laugh at memories that suddenly fill me as I remember all the ways you pushed for me to keep sanity

Without you? Nah! THIS world would be a universe flood of a sob

But you are here to rock and kick our but, in passive ways for us to do the job!

Today, a special day, I decide to pop you in a little note just to say thank you and HOORAY!




All my love – Tans

Fire To My Heart…
By kashmira ezaara bemath…

Is it I or is it you
Or is it that I’m not see-through 
Was my burning desire for you not left behind like morning dew
For you to not think that the flames in me spark because of you
Well it is true
Don’t tell me that after all that’s been happening you never knew
I gave you piece by piece some might say clue by clue.
You say that i changed you but look at it from my view.
I guess you were building me  up to be the best version of me.
You know I’ve never felt so alive before.

It was you that unlocked the fire, it was you.
Who unlocked the fire to my heart.

We’ve been to hell and back, but you know that how the stories told is never how it goes.
One day we’re smiling .
Next day we’re crying .
Some days it’s all about “you know what you did did”.
Then there’s the “I love you”.
But no matter what shit we go through the flames in me will forever Burn for you  because…

It was you that unlocked the fire, it was you.
It was you who unlocked the fire to my heart.

Written by
13 Year Old
South Africa
Naseemah Forbes🤩

If you follow the crowd you might get lost in it

• Everyone is unique in their own special way, but sometimes we tend to follow the crowd and allow ourselves to become mediocre.
• When we allow ourselves to be mediocre we forget about the qualities which enable us to be the remarkable people we are.
• Forgetting these qualities make us forget who we are and what we are meant to do for ourselves.
• Therefore forgetting our goals and our morals.
• No one will ever achieve greatness by following the crowd and for this very reason we have to be ourselves.
• Another reason to be yourself is because you are one of a kind and there is no else like you.
• When you are true to yourself, you start to realize how special you actually are.
• If you follow the crowd you will try to fit in and start to mistrust yourself, you will force yourself to be like everybody else, which is wrong because we should all be true to ourselves.
• Don’t blend in rather you should out and show the world how unique you are.
• Be true to yourself and I am sure that you will never fail.
• Some people, sometimes even friends will take advantage of your lack of confidence to feed their own insecurities,
• But you need to stand up for yourself and prove to them that you are not one to follow but one to lead.

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Summer, 2020 contest.

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NOTE: PRIZES HAVE BEEN UPDATED BEGINNING WITH THE FALL, 2018 SHORT STORY CONTEST! The first place winner now ALSO receives a free book publishing package!

GUIDELINES, judging criteria, and FAQs and the prize list will be posted on to the Penholix website page within the course of today!

1st Place
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2nd Place
$250 Cash Prize
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Publication of winning story on  contest website

1-year subscription to the Write Markets Report

A free writing-related print or ebook of the winner’s choice

3rd Place
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Publication of winning story on  contest website

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20 – Honorable Mentions

A one-year subscription to The Write Markets Report

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A one-year subscription to The Write Markets Report

35 – Grab Bag Winners!

A free writing-related ebook of the winner’s choice

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How long do stories need to be?
A. We can’t tell you until contest start time how long the entries must be. Past contests have ranged from 500 max. to 2,000 max. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Q. Why won’t you tell us the contest word count ahead of time?
A. Because we have found that some write their stories ahead of time and then (crafty they are) creatively incorporate the contest topic into their almost-completed story.

Q. What’s the biggest mistake writers make in the contests?
A. Bad endings! Oh, we do so detest bad endings! Predictable endings, poor and weak endings…they can turn a wonderful story into a sour grape. We’ve read thousands of stories over the past two years and some absolutely wonderful and beautifully written stories end up losing on the last sentence. It’s sad, but it’s very, very common. Hint: We LOVE surprises!

Q. What do you base your judging criteria on?
A. In the contests, we give the topic and what we find, after reading the first few entries, is that most of the stories are the same story told over and over but in a different way. Those are weeded out because it is obvious that originality did not play a major part in their planning. We also look at good writing (but if the story is not good… it gets tossed as well). Some writers can weave a beautiful thread, but tell a really bad story at the same time. Humor plays a part, too, when appropriate in the story. If we groan, we don’t like it. If we laugh out loud, we love it. What we end up with (at the end) is 10-20 stories that stood out above the rest. While good writing is a must, originality plays a huge role in the judging as well.

For example:
A past topic was: Life Threatening Situation in A Natural Disaster. Common themes were people trying to survive hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and the like. The winning entry focused more on the psychological madness of the wife than on the hurricane itself. Another winner gave us an avalanche. Not only was the story beautifully written, but it was the only avalanche story we received, and the life threatening situation was not the natural disaster, but the impending suicide of the main character.

Another topic was “It was the most terrifying classified ad yet and, to top it off, a there was a blizzard brewing!” One writer wrote about a woman and a classified ad…and she was drinking a blizzard from Dairy Queen. Now THAT was original!

I hope this gives you some ideas of what we’re looking for in winning entries.

Q. What should I avoid?
A. Far too many stories come in with the main character being a writer. Please don’t do that. It is far too common. Also, do NOT make the main character of your story named Angela. These tactics are always used by a few in each contest and they don’t work. In fact, making us think that favoritism because of a name will be used has the opposite effect on our judging. Good writing is what makes a winner…not manipulation of the judges. Oh, and don’t make your story about a writer who is participating in a writing contest but who can’t come up with an idea on the topic. We always get a couple of those and that idea is pretty old by now.

Q. What is the judging process?
A. Stories are read and broken down into two categories. Finalists versus other. The finalists are read and ranked by all judges. Using the rankings, we pick the top 23. These 23 are then re-read and ranked again by the judges and awarded either first, second, third place, or an honorable mention. All others are eligible for door prizes which are awarded at random.

Please join us! We’re gonna have a blast!

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